499 Sheridan

499 Sheridan is an Oklahoma City high rise office building with associated parking garages. This project is a 664,614 square foot glass tower rising 28 stories up in the heart of Oklahoma City. Large scale construction in dense urban areas requires a knowledgeable team of professionals to assure the least amount of impact is felt by the surrounding uses and travelers. Johnson & Associates was brought on to provide detailed surveying and construction assistance. Our survey team started the project by confirming the property boundary for the construction and development crews. They then established horizontal and vertical control, for construction, at first order standards.
During construction, Johnson & Associates provided the pier and tower crane base locations, along with the building gridlines in the field. All field information and calculations were converted to CAD drawings and PDFs, which provided field crews with up to the minute accurate plans. The plans included office calculations and field layouts, which entailed the layouts for paving, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water lines, and the associated sky bridge. Our construction and survey team also transferred horizontal and vertical control to each floor, as it was created to check the columns to the grid lines. These control points were then used by mechanical engineers and plumbers for their respective services floor-by-floor.
Lastly, we continue to provide numerous as-built exhibits, as needed to confirm the plans are being implemented correctly during construction.