Urban Planning

Planning bridges the gap between engineering and people to tell the full story of a place. The engineering and planning disciplines are intertwined at J&A and the best practices for each complement one another in our overall designs and approach to projects.

J&A’s team of planners brings technical knowledge and specialized tools to a broad range of planning projects, with experience that covers writing comprehensive plans, designing master plans, conducting demographic studies and population projections, and managing public outreach efforts. The team is experienced in entitlements, long-range planning, corridor planning, development review, site design, and GIS mapping and analysis. Additionally, our planners work with municipalities, private developers, allied design firms, and construction professionals across the region.


Urban Design

  • Plan Public Spaces to Encourage Positive Interactions & Maximize Walkability
  • Representation for Design Review Through Municipalities


Comprehensive Planning

  • Work with Communities to Develop Comprehensive Plans, Update Zoning Ordinance, & Update Subdivision Regulation


Public Engagement

  • Engage neighborhoods and stakeholders in the planning process
  • Utilize innovative design tools to foster open conversations about design


Land use / zoning & permitting

  • Land Use/ Zoning
  • Draft Zoning Documents
  • Zoning & Property Analysis Reports
  • Site Plan Review
  • Comprehensive Plan Review / Amendment Applications
  • Platting Property / Administrative Process
  • Lot Split Applications
  • Variance Applications
  • Parking Analysis
  • Hearing Representation
  • Land Use Research to Determine Highest & Best Use of Property

Site Master Planning

  • Develop Site Plans for Raw & Developed Property
  • Identify Most Efficient Site Layout to Maximize Land Value

Municipal Consulting

  • Act as Staff for Municipalities, Outsourcing Their Planning Needs
  • Review Development Proposals
  • Assist Communities in Identifying the Capacity of an Infrastructure Network for Projected Increased Density & Growth