The science of civil engineering – while critical to a city’s infrastructure and ultimately the strength of its future – is sometimes the quiet counterpart to the architectural design of a city, neighborhood, building, bridge, or even streetscape. At Johnson & Associates, we’ve always found our greatest successes are achieved through meticulous attention to detail, acting quickly after researching thoroughly, sticking around to follow through long after the project is labeled “complete,” and providing solutions that aren’t always the most obvious or the easiest but that will provide the most effective impact. You may not see the results of our work with your eyes, but it’s our commitment to make sure you see it in the manifestation of a great quality of life all around you.

Civil Design

  • Roadway Improvements & Construction
  • State Highways
  • Residential Subdivisions
  • Commercial Developments
  • Industrial Site Development
  • Erosion Control
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Due Diligence Reports

Site Development

  • Grading Design & Earthwork Analysis
  • Drainage Review & Analysis
  • Construction Bidding
  • Public Utility Infrastructure
  • Private Utility Infrastructure
  • Commercial & Residential Platting
    • Layouts
    • Design

Water Distribution Systems

  • Water Systems Design & Permitting
  • City, County, State, & Federal Permitting
  • Stakeholder Coordination
  • Streambank Stabilization Plans
  • FEMA Regulatory Studies
  • NPDES Compliance


Project 180

NW 63rd & Grand

Hearts for Hearing

Classen Curve


Chesapeake Energy
Carlton Landing
Canal Extension
Page Woodson

Holy Spirit Church

Francis Tuttle

Civic Center
Bricktown Entertainment District / Canal