Traffic Engineering & Planning

As Oklahoma’s many cities have grown and developed in recent years, the need for smart, future-focused infrastructure has become even more critical to the planning of every engineering project we undertake. We believe that what we do is not just about traffic lights and intersections, but about getting people and goods where they need to be in the best, most effective way possible. And that means a better quality of life for all of us.


Traffic Counting & Data Processing

  • Two-Way 24+ Hour Vehicle Counts
  • Two-Way 24+ Hour Speed Counts
  • Two-Way 24+ Hour Vehicle Classification Counts
  • Vehicle & Pedestrian Turn Counts
  • Peak Hour Analysis
  • Background Traffic Projections

Traffic Signal & Intersection Design

  • Compliant with ADA Requirements
  • Pedestrian Signal Phasing
  • Loop, Camera, or Alternative Detector Design
  • Cellular Connection & Wired Interconnect Design
  • Standard Nema 8 Phase Intersection Design
  • 4 Phase Diamond Intersection or Alternative Design
  • Coordinated Signals Designs & Implementation
  • Pedestrian HAWK Light & RRFB Design
  • Roundabout Design
  • Channelized Intersections Design & Striping Plans

Traffic Impact Studies

  • Existing Developments Analysis
  • Traffic Generation Calculations
  • Trip Distribution Analysis
  • Future Developments Analysis
  • AM & PM Peak Hour Analysis
  • Stop, Signalized, ICU, & HCM Analysis
  • Standard Nema 8 Phase Intersection Analysis
  • 4 Phase Diamond or Alternative Intersection Analysis
  • Coordinated Signals Analysis
  • Signal Timing Optimization
  • Intersection Improvement Recommendations & Analysis
  • Street Improvement Recommendations & Analysis
  • Street Capacity Analysis
  • Sight Distance Analysis

Signal Warrant Analysis

  • Justification of Proposed Signals
  • Justification of Proposed Stop Signs
  • Projections for When Signals are Needed
  • Traffic Commission Representation for Improvements

Traffic Control Plan Generation

  • Utility Construction Traffic Control Plans
  • Local Street Construction Traffic Control Plans
  • Interstate & Turnpike Construction Traffic Control Plans
  • Alternative Route Planning
  • Permanent Traffic Calming Designs & Plans