Project 180

The Project 180 initiative was a four-year, $154 million redesign of downtown Oklahoma City streets, sidewalks, parks, and plazas to improve appearance & make the central core of Oklahoma City more pedestrian friendly. In addition to the many infrastructure improvements, plans called for the addition of landscaping, public art, marked bike lanes, decorative street lighting, and additional on-street parking spaces.

Acting as the prime coordinating consultant for a collaborative effort of several design firms, Johnson & Associates oversaw and participated in the design of over 7,000 linear feet of infrastructure improvements over a 12 block area in downtown Oklahoma City. These improvements included full roadway removal & replacement, accessibility assessment & design, storm sewer & sanitary sewer improvements, and replacement of water mains from 6″ to 20″ diameter while maintaining service to the existing system & end users. Traffic design, landscaping, hardscaping, structural element design, bidding, and construction administration were also coordinated by Johnson & Associates.