Every state has a heart. You can feel its rhythm when you wander the sidewalks, navigate the streets, experience the culture. As civil engineers, surveyors, and urban planners, keeping that heart alive is an essential part of how we approach growth and development.


At Johnson & Associates, we’re proud to be a part of the vision that has redefined Oklahoma as a state and a destination over the past 30 years. Along the way, we’ve evolved to meet needs as they change – while standing firm on the values that never will:


Relentless evaluation of details before each project.
It is our strong belief that resisting shortcuts early saves our clients time and money in the long run.


Follow-through that doesn’t end when construction begins.

We are hands-on and face-to-face with everyone, from clients visiting our office to subcontractors in the field.


Creativity that doesn’t lose sight of project requirements.

Design quality and compliance review go hand-in-hand at Johnson & Associates.




Our story began in 1988 with Tim Johnson’s vision to pool his knowledge of civil engineering and Oklahoma to form Johnson & Associates. Having worked as an Associate Civil Engineer for The City of Oklahoma City, and having served as principal partner in charge of all production work for his previous civil engineering firm, Smith-Roberts-Johnson & Associates, Tim was well equipped to succeed.


In addition to civil engineering, Tim has continued to add the key professionals needed to thrive in the areas of surveying, urban planning, traffic engineering and planning, stormwater analysis and design, and construction supervision.


Tim has been heavily involved in the community’s forward thinking of civil engineering and its application for both public and private projects. Johnson & Associates’ mission is to solve problems, make things better, and make things happen.



Johnson & Associates maintains a robust professional staff and utilizes a collaborative work process that allows staff to be assigned as workloads and project requirements dictate. As such, we have both the capacity and flexibility to respond to deadlines, project demands, and the needs of our clients.


8 Licensed Professional Engineers
4 Engineering Technicians
6 CAD Technicians
2 Licensed Professional Land Surveyors
3 Survey Technicians
5 Survey Field Crews
3 Urban Planners
2 Licensed Construction Inspectors


The professional staff is supported by the expertise of our in-house CAD technicians using the latest digital and computerized technology. Our own in-house surveying department adds valuable resources in the areas of legal descriptions, title research, and general survey services. Having in-house drafting and surveying capabilities has resulted in a shorter turn-around from acquisition of field data to plan production. The result: A savings in time and money for our clients.



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