Chesapeake Energy

This project involved the engineering and master planning of the Chesapeake Energy Corporation corporate campus, comprised of 42.68 acres of property in central Oklahoma City. It was Chesapeake’s intention to comprehensively zone the subject property in order to accommodate required parking and other facilities as part of their Oklahoma City campus, which became a major engineering and land planning effort. In an effort to comprehensively permit the development of the main campus, as well as accommodate the development of a corporate complex with a park-like setting, recreational facilities, and several out parcels for associated commercial & retail businesses, Johnson & Associates was charged with creating a comprehensive zoning and development plan that would accomplish all of Chesapeake Energy’s current and future goals.
As the project manager, Johnson & Associates successfully negotiated with various City officials to obtain final approval of the plan. The plan addressed and resolved various issues, including parking requirements for the various office/commercial uses located within the PUD’s scope, development transitions for those portions of the project abutting existing residential, structure height, residential buffering, utility negotiation (vacation and easement encroachment issues), and setback issues. Development included a major effort regarding stormwater drainage. Deep Fork Creek Tributary 20 traverses the property from northwest to southeast, and an unnamed tributary traverses from north to south. The desired development layout required modifications to these tributaries, including conversion of an existing concrete channel to an underground RCB and gabion basket stabilized reach, as well as a conversion of the small tributary to an aesthetic gabion lined channel with wet bottom and stepping weirs. This work involved a complete FEMA LOMR to redefine the flood plain and floodway to the designated common areas necessary to pass flood flows while protecting all adjacent structures. Johnson & Associates developed and implemented a complete mitigation plan to satisfy Corps of Engineers permitting requirements. Johnson & Associates’ efforts were successful, and the Chesapeake Campus is now completed and regarded as one of the top corporate complexes in the State of Oklahoma.