Civic Center Music Hall

The Civic Center Music Hall is a performing arts center built in downtown Oklahoma City in 1937. This crown jewel of the municipal theatre system seats 2,500 patrons and hosts over 100 local and international touring performances a year. Johnson & Associates has effectively served as the Engineer of Record for the Civic Center Music Hall, having provided civil engineering and surveying services for multiple projects since 1999. Johnson & Associates’ work with the Civic Center Music Hall began with an extensive topographic survey that was created for the music hall’s historic renovation, as part of Oklahoma City’s initial MAPS campaign. Our civil engineers worked hand-in-hand with the design team to bring the exterior facilities up to code and expand/reconfigure the freight service entries. Utility services to the building were updated, and a public street was relocated to provide direct access to the front door of the Civic Center, creating a convenient drop-off area.
After the turn of the millennium, Johnson & Associates helped to create the Civic Center outdoor ice skating rink, a Christmas favorite for years. Structural, utility, and landscape infrastructure was designed to allow rapid deployment of the rink and its supporting equipment, yet still be compatible with the everyday use of Centennial Park in the off-season.
In 2011, Johnson & Associates again took to the Civic Center Music Hall with Project 180, an ambitious downtown public enhancement project. Improvements included the replacement of surrounding streets, sidewalks, hardscape elements, and landscaping, as well as the reconfiguration of on-street parking. A sweeping makeover of Centennial Park from the ground up put the finishing touches on this grande dame of the city.
Our long history of involvement with the Civic Center Music Hall illustrates the invaluable commitment, expertise, and longevity that Johnson & Associates brings to each and every project.