West OKC Wastewater Master Plan

Johnson & Associates was part of team contracted by the City of Oklahoma City with Triad Design Group and AECOM to conduct a sewer study for the Oklahoma City / Yukon West Basin. J&A was tasked with the population, demographic, land use and demand projections. As part of this study, J&A conducted field surveys and spent over a month compiling the relevant data and background information for the basin. From there, our team created over 60 maps covering the entire 22-acre basin and estimates for total population and wastewater demand. These maps included projected land uses, population, phasing and existing condition.

West Oklahoma City Basin is generally bounded by SW 59th on the south, Frisco Road on the east, Gregory Road on the west, and US 66 on the north.

Create a Master Plan that will define a path forward for the extension of sanitary sewer services in the West Oklahoma City Basin.

A fast-growing area of west OKC is facing development demands without adequate sewer infrastructure in place to fully realize development potentials.

The team created a report which projects land use and phasing of basin buildout with adequate sewer infrastructure to meet growth.

The Master Plan provides the City of Oklahoma City with a methodology and reference guide that can be used in the future to compare growth and calculations to as the plant is improved to handle the increased demand. It includes population and wastewater flow projections, wastewater collection system development, and wastewater treatment plant alternative evaluations.